ALL INCLUSIVE ICF ACTP Advanced Certification Track


Step into your flow, and join the ranks of elite FLOW certified coaches worldwide

Course Overview

The All Inclusive Advanced Coaching ICF ACTP Includes:

Option 1:

Core Foundations Certification (Modules 1-5) + Module 6 The Path to Mastery

Option 2:

Business Coaching Certification (Modules 1-5) + Module 6 The Path to Mastery


The All Inclusive ICF ACTP Advanced Certification has everything you need to start your coaching career off in the most comprehensive way possible in order to set you up for absolute coaching success. It’s the one-stop shop of certified professional coaching!

Whether you choose Core Foundations (Modules 1-5) or Business Coaching (Modules 1-5) training, you will press the accelerator button towards becoming an ICF ACC and PCC credentialed coach with the inclusion of Module 6. This is the competitive edge that you’ve been searching for.

Respected PCC and MCC coaches with 15+ years of experience in the industry will instruct you on a wide range of tools, strategies, processes, and methodologies so that you can adapt your coaching to various client profiles, work, and culture scenarios. Throughout the program, you will have the unique opportunity to gain real-world coaching experience through peer and mentor coaching to practice, reflect, and accelerate your coaching skills.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the holistic journey that the FLOW methodology not only takes you on as a coach but as a self-development program. You get to experience first hand the transformational benefits that our science-backed, ‘whole person’ curriculum can provide you, so you can replicate that for your clients.

The ALL INCLUSIVE ICF ACTP track offers beginning to end ICF Professional Coach certification training all the way up to ACC & PCC.

For program hours, please refer to current Modules 1-5 & Module 6 calendar. Individual ACTP mentoring sessions & ICF CKA oral assessment are self paced.

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CND$ 6990

CND$ 4,990

Limited time crisis compassion reduced rate is valid until August 31, 2021

125 ICF ACTP Coach Specific Training Hours

Completion of the program gives you 125 ICF ACTP Coach Specific Training Hours, completion of mandatory mentoring hours, and a performance evaluation process.


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ACTP hours


Live Classes & Group Mentoring


1-1 Mentoring Sessions

The ALL INCLUSIVE Online Live ICF 125 ACTP Coach Certification program is designed for success:

From start to finish our Advanced Certification has everything you need to start your coaching career off right with:

  • Flexible scheduling, live and interactive classes, coaching demonstrations, and classroom practices
  • Invaluable mentorship from PCC and MCC FLOW masters of industry
  • Marketing and business development support
  • ICF Oral Exam and written assessment at the end of the course
  • FREE downloadable resources, and coaching forms, including a FREE coursebook worth CAD$ 54.99

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The 5 Step FLOW Coaching Method

Our 5 modules provide step-by-step teachings to help you learn the skills required to become a confident and competent coach

  • The Awareness Step: This is where you gain a deep understanding of what professional coaching is and what it is not. You learn to navigate the Architecture of a FLOW Coaching Session.
  • The Motivation Step: This is where you learn motivational levels of Positive Psychology, and the Flow model.
  • The Creative Planning Step: Learn FLOW’s creative tools and strategies to coach the conscious and subconscious states of a whole person.
  • The Achievement Step: You will practice how to coach your clients and help them move beyond their limiting beliefs and barriers and help them achieve what is truly important to them.
  • The Focus Step: You will learn to coach your clients to stay focused on what is truly meaningful to them, and learn how to discipline yourself on your path to becoming a successful coach.

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    Live Online Group Classes

    • Connect To A Global Village Of Equally Motivated Peer Coaches
    • Direct access to PCC & MCC credentialed faculty mentors
    • Build a strong understanding of ICF’s core competencies through FLOW coaching methodology
    • Business and career clarity and support
    • Deepen your coaching presence by integrating, doing, being and having

    Experience Advanced Coaching in Action

    • Dig deep into the psychology of human beings through Positive Psychology, the Flow model, and other nuerosciences support the ‘whole person’
    • Learn how to leverage flow states to achieve real results
    • Work with others that are as passionate as you are in advancing your coaching presence, skills, and confidence
    • You will work on your coaching career and success with the help of our seasoned coaches with 15+ years of industry experience

    Peer and Mentor Coaching

    • You will really deepen your understanding of what it means to be coached
    • How to approach challenge coaching coversations in the most effective way
    • Constructive feedback from both peers and mentors that allows you to accelerate your skills as a coach
    • Accelerated coaching confidence
    • The comfort knowing you aren’t alone, and the FLOW community will be there to support you

    ICF Oral Assessment

    • You will have everything you need to pass your ICF oral examination
    • You will be evaluated on your coaching competencies by FLOW’s ICF assessors
    • Upon passing the examination, you are exempted From ICF’s Oral Assessment
    • Your coaching skills will be aligned at the PCC level
    • Written assessment will follow. We will send you your ICF ACTP certification, The gold standard in the coaching world

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    FLOW Coaching Methodology & Principles

    For many years now coaches have been inspiring lives across the globe by using the FLOW Coaching Methodology with their clients. Other than FLOW coaches we have been receiving many requests from other coaches to learn about the FLOW Coaching Methodology. As a result, we have decided to make the FLOW Coaching methodology and principles available to other coaches from around the world.

    The course participants have FREE access to the e-book worth CAD$ 54.99

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