Why you should become an ICF Certified FLOW Coach?

Why you should become an ICF Certified FLOW Coach?

  • Get FREE access to FLOW Coaching Methodology and Principles e-book.
  • Master the FLOW Coaching Methodology and the FLOW mindset.
  • Become a FLOW ambassador to help the world and the community learn the concept of FLOW towards creating a happier future.
  • Get certified by one of the most affordable programs in the coaching industry
  • Enroll into an online ICF accredited program from the comfort of your house/workplace
  • Get help and guidance in setting up your own coaching business plan
  • Get FREE access to coaching documents, forms and other useful resources.
  • Fuel your curiosity and ask questions to our skilled coaching faculty with 20+ years of professional experience.
  • Meet like-minded people who want to pursue a coaching career just like you.
  • Join an exclusive community of FLOW graduates who want to share their knowledge and experience with you.
  • Be a part of exclusive FREE webinars and other ongoing FLOW events.

What We Offer

  • Online, once a week, live & interactive classes
  • Live coaching demonstrations & classroom practices
  • Peer coaching with a chance to interact with like-minded individuals
  • Access to FLOW Nexus Student Portal
  • FREE downloadable resources & coaching forms
  • Oral & written assessment at the end of the course
  • FREE coursebook worth CAD 54.99

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