4 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

4 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

Positive Psychology research is often associated with an increase in happiness. Gratitude helps people cherish good experiences, build more positive emotions, face adversity, and build strong relationships.

It is possible to feel and express gratitude in many different ways. It can be applied to the past such as reliving positive memories, the present such as not taking anything for granted, and the future such as maintaining a positive attitude.

This article discusses the key benefits of practicing gratitude on human well-being.

Social well-being is facilitated by the feeling of gratitude:

Studies have found that maintaining a gratitude diary or reflecting on positive daily occurrences can facilitate social well-being. Research has shown that expressions of gratitude by managers increased motivation and productivity in their employees.

When someone is able to practice gratitude, the way they view the world shifts and they are able to empathize more and also look at the positives in life a lot more.

Gratitude produces higher levels of emotional well-being:

Emotional well-being means emotions such as happiness and life satisfaction. Studies show a positive relationship between gratitude and emotional well-being It was found that people who wrote three things that went well for them at the end of the day showed increased flourishing.

Grateful people are less likely to exhibit psychopathic habits:

Studies found that the beneficial effects of gratitude can have a long-lasting positive effect moreover it reduces negative effects and increases psychological resilience.

Gratitude can cause modest beneficial effects on physical health and bodily functions:

Many studies found a positive relationship between gratitude and many physical health markers such as stress and inflammation, pain perception and sleep. It was found that keeping a gratitude journal improved diastolic blood pressure and doing it at night induced pre-sleep calmness.

Studies emphasize that gratitude is beneficial, although modestly, linked to social well-being and to a lesser extent psychological well-being. Gratitude helps people refocus on what they have instead of what they lack. And, although it may feel forced at first, this mental state grows stronger with use and may have social, physical, and psychological benefits.

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