5 Questions Managers Should Reflect On

5 Questions Managers Should Reflect On

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

It is a common assumption that managers have all the answers, but the truth is, management is as much about the questions as it is for the answers.“If you want the answer—ask the question.” ― Lorii Myers

Asking the right questions keeps the thought process active and helps you seek out new concepts and ideas. Knowing when to ask what question can improve management skills dramatically. Effective questions are the ones which promote growth, enhances interaction, increases knowledge and helps with choosing the right decision. There are some important questions that can help managers be more effective in their management skills.

5 Questions Managers Should Reflect On:

  1. What is on my priority list in the next 10 minutes?

Prioritization and managing time effectively are one of the most important management qualities. Questioning what to do in the next few minutes and what is important helps you get tasks out of the way efficiently and effectively

  1. What can make the situation be clearer?

Managers often face scenarios when teams are struggling. Questions like this can help rearrange the situation and organize what needs to get done. Bringing clarity brings direction and vision and can turn the situation into a favourable one.

  1. How would a great manager react to this situation?

If you have an inspiration or an idol you look up to, you can often ask yourself how would the particular person act if he was in your shoes. It opens your mind to new ideas and gives you the push to take the right step by re-enacting the situation in your head.

  1. What went right today?

It is very important to reflect on what made you successful or what made you fall behind because it is the most common indicator of you and your teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Asking such a question can help you promote what is required and avoid similar negative actions for the future.

  1. What are my areas of improvement?

Successful managers believe in continuous learning. They never stop learning new things and always look for new opportunities and ideas to adopt. Innovation is key. Finding new ways to do things promotes creativity and a manager should always be in its pursuit.

Management involves coaching which is asking the right questions to lead your clients/team members to effective solutions by themselves. If you want to learn more about coaching email to us at info@flowcoachinginstitute.com

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