7 Ways a Spiritual Coach Can Support You

7 Ways a Spiritual Coach Can Support You

Elie Abou-Jaoude - Certified Life Coach, FCC. BEng
Elie Abou-Jaoude - Certified Life Coach, FCC. BEng

The essence of every spiritual tradition or practice is to make you reconnect with the most authentic aspects of yourself, the ultimate ground of Being. A life coach with a focus on spirituality, not only helps you set goals and attain them, but also makes sure that they align with your core self: that means your values, your passions, your real interests, and your creative skills. Spiritual coaches support others by helping them make choices and take actions that come from a source of authenticity. The focus of the session shifts from “having” toward first and foremost, “being”. In other words, when you learn to be in total alignment with your core self, and in peace with your present circumstances, your environment transforms to match your new, more relaxed, inner state. The outer world is simply a reflection of your inner life. Here are 7 ways a spiritual coach can support you in creating a rich and fulfilling one:

  1. You become more mindful

With the combination of mindfulness techniques used by many spiritual coaches, you start embracing the present moment and living in the now. Your focus expands, and you become more attentive to smaller details. Your performance at work and any other tasks boost, and your daily productivity grows.

  1. You make more authentic choices

Your motives will be questioned, in a non-judgmental and unbiased way, so that your choices truly align with your deepest, most meaningful values. By taking actions that feel valuable right, your intuitive skills strengthen, and life becomes a miracle where every choice you make is the most optimal and rewarding one.

  1. You find your life purpose

Your mission and calling in life become clearer as you meet over time with your spiritual coach. You get a clear sense of your contribution and service to the world, and how to use your best, most unique abilities to accomplish them.

  1. You discover activities you truly enjoy

You learn to say “no” to the activities that drain you, and “yes” to the ones that nourish your spirit. You start doing things because they truly bring joy and value to your life, and honor your needs. And for the tasks that usually feel dreadful (like filling taxes form), you start appreciating their overall value as your motivation increases over time.

  1. You learn to build and maintain trustworthy relationships

By becoming more confident of your own abilities and strengths, others become a value-added rather than a necessity in your life. You enhance your ability to make mutually-loving connections based on authenticity. You are fully authentic in every situation you find yourself in.

  1. You explore your individual meaning of life

A spiritual coach will never impose a spiritual teaching or tradition on a coachee. Through thought-provoking and reflective questions, they will help you develop your own philosophy of life. They make you see the world from a more optimistic and expansive perspective.

  1. You become whole in every sense

Your inner and outer world become one. Life becomes a harmonious flow, with the least resistance encountered. You become a burst of energy that shines light on others.

Elie Abou-Jaoude is a Certified Life Coach, ICF, FCC, who brings a transpersonal and holistic approach to coaching and helps individuals go through major life transformations and reach their fullest human potential. He also teaches meditation and mindfulness techniques individually and for corporate groups. Always provides a culturally-sensitive, compassionate, and supportive environment.

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