Saying No to Ignoring Yourself and Connecting with Your Inner Voice

Saying No to Ignoring Yourself and Connecting with Your Inner Voice

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

2000 years ago women assumed the leadership role in the then matriarchal societies, up until the emergence of the patriarchal societies where women predominantly exercised the role of motherhood. In today’s urban society, women have multiple hats: employee, leader, friend, mom, spouse, partner, volunteer, caregiver..

We, as women, fulfill some of these responsibilities to their best, and fail in others..We have our daily routines, and sometimes we procrastinate..

When I ask my female clients what they procrastinate the most, often times I hear that it’s “themselves”. I believe this is true for most of us since among all those roles we undertake, it’s most likely that we lose contact with our inner voice. We usually focus our energy to hear the outer world and neglect the need to connect with our inner energy. Even when we start hearing, we lose our ability to decipher it.

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Attention (focus) is a form of energy, whereever we direct it, we boost it. Our inner voice connects us with our intuition, and our intuition is a door that opens up to our soul. One who connects with her soul, is the one who is in the flow, whereas one who is disconnected from her soul, can only tap short term indulgences.

When we focus on connecting with our intuition, we can connect with the information of our higher self, hence the source. This higher cosmic energy source is everlasting, and is beyond the physical form of our bodies. It is the source where eternal flow feeds itself. One can choose to be aware of this source through higher self thus world becomes a place with infinite possibilities.

How do we connect with this universal energy source? First and foremost, we need to follow the guidance of our intuition. Connecting to our intuition is like learning a new language, it does not speak to us in words. Dreams, symbols, an inner voice, emotions that colours bring us, a gut feeling..Intuition often comes in various non-verbal forms. Below are 8 ways to connect with your intuition;

  • Create yourself space, intuition likes to whisper in silence,
  • Enjoy your own company, intuiton does not like crowds,
  • Try to sleep well, intuition does not like insomnia,
  • Disconnect from electronics, intuition does not like cluttered minds,
  • Go for long walks in nature, intuition loves that,
  • Do meditations focusing on colours, intuition is connected to colours,
  • Listen to music, that is the language of the universe,
  • Always carry a pen and a paper to write down whatever and whenever, intuition loves this tool to manifest.


By Talyaa Vardar, PCC

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