What is Business Coaching?

What is Business Coaching?

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

Business coaches are typically experienced entrepreneurs, business executives or business owners themselves who decide to use their talents for building and growing a business to help other business owners reach their goals.

The difference between business consultant and business coach lies in the conversation. Business consultant gives advice and provide a direct support; whereas business coach provides insight and act as a motivation & accountability partner in the relationship. In business coaching as in all professional coaching relationship, the business coach applies a system where he/she acts as an accountability partner and the approach is not only focused on business results but also the skills, habits and relationship matters that will lead to these desired results.

While business consultants provide direct information and advice available on how to start and grow a business or how to track business metrics, specific to your unique business, business coaches, on the other hand, are able to provide something more important – personalized, custom approach.

As the Microsoft’s founder, one and only Bill Gates pointed out once: “All famous athletes has a coach, why not I should have one?”.
We agree with Bill Gate’s logic – the fact that great coaches and mentors are the quickest routes to success – to most every pursuit, yet the same logic is often overlooked when it comes to growing a business. Business coaches are typically expert entrepreneurs or executives with years of business experience who know what it takes to make a business successful.

For a fee -either retainer or a package based- business coaches work alongside executives and business owners to help them define their goals, polish their vision and strategy for their business, and set in place a series of plans that will help the owner and his/her team achieve their desired results.

If a business owner goes through tough challenges or runs into problems along the way, the business coach will be there to help them to navigate their issues in the most effective way possible. Those challenges do not have to be directly related to business, they might also be personal challenges of the business owner for example finding the right talent or going through so much stress or leading family dynamics in family companies might also become the focus of the business coaching relationship.

Having a business coach is much like having a highly experienced success partner on your team, and the value that they bring to you and your business priceless.

Whether you have business goals that you want to work towards or your business is struggling and you need a way to revive it or you simply want to take your brand to the next level, bringing on a certified business coach on board is one of the best investment decisions you would give. Investing in a business coaching relationship is a very effective ROI.

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