Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

What is Professional Coaching?

The reason why we feel a need to differentiate coaching as “professional coaching” is about the investment behind it. Professional coaches invest in their skill development and complete a certified coach training program through an accredited coaching school or institute. As coaching has been one of the most hype professions of the 21st century, professional coaches want to differentiate yourself from the crowd by investing in their coaching skills, confidence and competencies.

What are Coaching Types?

There are different types of specialty areas where professional coaches may focus on such as Life coaching; Executive Coaching; Career Coaching; Business Coaching; Workplace Coaching; Parenting Coaching; Youth Coaching; Team Coaching; Relationships Coaching… Whatever the specialty is, professional coaches work towards creating progress and positive change.

The Flow Coach Certification Training

The FLOW Coaching Institute’s (FCI®) professional coach certification program was accredited by International Coach Federation in 2014. Creativity is the essence of FLOW Coach Method. At FLOW, we know that creativity opens up new thinking, new choices, new ways. FLOW Coaching certification training program is acknowledged as the most creative approach to professional coaching with a strong foundation rooted in ;

  • Solution Focused Psychology Inquiry Questions
  • Positive Psychology Principles and the FLOW Model
  • Lower and Upper Brain Systems and Neuro-Coaching
  • Adaptation of Creative Therapy Methodologies and Processes
  • Systems Perspective and Multi-dimensional Coaching Model for Sustainable Results
  • Alignment of Mind-Heart-Body .

“What I like the most about FLOW’s online program is to see how invested and generous our program instructors have been. From their authenticity and guidance, you can tell that FLOW’s program instructors and mentors really want to see us succeed. When you complete the program you definitely feel like you are intested too.”- Tammy Douglas – Internal Talent Coach & Corporate Creativity Facilitator

What Makes the FLOW Certified Coach Training Program Unique?

  • The FLOW Coaching Institute (FCI®) ICF Accredited Training Program is the only ICF accredited coach certification program that teaches students the creative tools and methodologies inspiring them to have the confidence in working with unlocking the hidden potential embedded in human subconscious systems.
  • You maximize your investment you get from the program pay paying less and getting maximum accredited hours to count towards your credentialing! With 175 ICF accredited hours, THE FLOW Coach training program gives you the highest ICF accredited program hours in the world of ACTP programs. As these hours will count towards your ICF PCC & MCC credentialing, while you are maximizing your coach training to it’s max potential, also in the future, you will not have to worry about completing extra hours in the future.
  • We care about our alumni’s success! As a school, we care about the success of our alumni. We are committed to providing on-going support to our coaches in development of their business skills ; identifying their specialty; writing coach biographies; developing their practice. As you enroll in the ACTP program, as part of the practicum and supervision module (Module 6) we work with you and support your professional coaching business /career development plan and marketing strategies individually.






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