Why Online Coach Training Is The Best Way To Become a Certified Coach

Why Online Coach Training Is The Best Way To Become a Certified Coach

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

21st Century has changed the way we learn. Not only we learn from many different sources, but also we have the luxury of educating ourselves or learning a new skill wherever we are and whenever we want. This shift is valid for coaching certification training programs too.    

As Professional coaches, we care about listening to demands coming from our customers. First we listened to our students… then our clients and people’s requests. As we listened we understood that we have to ease the life of our students and clients. We identified a few strategies to make that possible:

  • Professional Coach Certification should be offered at a more affordable rate to enable more people from the World to have access to coaching certification
  • We understood that people need to learn in a flexible atmosphere. Since ICF (International Coach Federation) mandates that certain percentage of ICF Professional Coach Certification Training programs to be taught live we could not introduced a fully self paced learning package, but we made sure that certain percentage of the program (peer coaching practice, coaching performance evaluations, homeworks, etc) is still self paced
  • Eventually we have decided that online coach certification curriculum will give more access to more people, so we switched from being an onsite coach certification institute to online coach certification institute.

Before we made this switch honestly even we had doubts that online coaching courses would not be as affective and productive as onsite, traditional methods. However, since we started the online platform, we have been having a blast of our lives as the core FLOW faculty,  students and alumni. Not only that we have become a global community but also we have witnessed tremendous positive shift in skill development of our coaches. The online platform as well as the curriculum allows all stakeholders (instructors, students, trainer assistants) to engage fully without sacrificing the quality of coaching practice and skill development.  We are also very happy that  because through online coaching certifion at a more affordable rate truly allows people investing in their skill development. Surely our PCC and MCC credentialed senior faculty members and mentors; the FLOW Coaching methodology & curriculum as well as ICF Coaching Competenties; live coaching demonstrations and live coaching practice and exercises during classroom time adds to the quality of learning and skill development.

A lot of times we don’t even notice that we are connected to each other through a screen which means that we are in flow

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