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The FLOW Business School

We Used Our Years of Professional Coaching Experience and Created a Business School to Support Your Success.


You’ve become a certified coach. What steps should you take to achieve lasting success?

Establishing your own coaching business after becoming a certified FLOW Coaching graduate might feel like an overwhelming task. Let our FLOW Coaches share the knowledge and experience you need to get started.

Launching your successful coaching business requires a specific set of skills and education. Most coaching schools only focus on teaching coaching methods to their students, and don’t offer programs that support their recent graduates. At FLOW Coaching Institute, we’ve experienced and overcome the struggles associated with launching and growing our businesses. We want to share what we’ve learned through our years of experience with you.


Learn how the FLOW Business School can help you achieve your goals.

Having a partner to help make your goals a reality and provide support and accountability is a critical component of long-lasting success. We launched the FLOW Business School because we understand that success is not an overnight achievement. We want to mentor and inspire our FLOW Coaching graduates so they can enjoy a profitable coaching business while positively impacting the lives of others.

The FLOW Business School is a comprehensive program that offers step-by-step guidance to teach you how to launch your own coaching business. As a result, you’ll gain the skills to accelerate your business’s growth and turn your dream of running a successful coaching business into a reality. The program is free to students who are FLOW Coaching graduates.

If you have an existing coaching business and find you need more resources and support to expand your business, access to the exclusive and unique resources provided by the FLOW Business School can also be purchased separately.

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Fast-track your coaching career with the FLOW Business School.

  • Access to help and advice 24/7 via our active private Facebook group.
  • Mentorship from our FLOW Coaching alumni.
  • Access to coaching resources to further your education.
  • Access to the tools you need to launch your business.

You’ll have lifetime access to all our FLOW Business School materials once you’ve enrolled in the program. The program also offers Facebook Live Q&A sessions every month, so you have regular access to the FLOW Coaches’ expert advice, motivation, and inspiration.

The FLOW Business School Curriculum

The FLOW Business School is composed of six modules to help you reach your career goals faster. Our Modules are designed to help you successfully establish your business and confidently market yourself to clients.

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M1: Framework

  • Finalizing your niche.
  • Setting your parameters for success.

M2: Business Plan

  • Doing competitive research.
  • Identifying your brand’s sweet spot.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Choosing your coaching business model.
  • Setting realistic income, timing, expense goals.
  • Mapping out your business plan.
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M3: Set Up

  • Legalizing your business.
  • Implementing your business plan.
  • Designing logos & collateral materials.
  • Creating your website.
  • Social media 101.

M4: Marketing

  • Learning persuasive ‘elevator’ speech.
  • Undertaking strategy sessions.
  • Confidently selling your business.
  • Taking advantage of networking opportunities.
  • Learning the sales funnel.
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executive coaching certification toronto

M5: 101 Training

  • Conducting workshops, group coaching sessions, and webinars.
  • Public speaking with confidence.
  • Blogging for your business.
  • Staying ‘in the FLOW’.

M6: Resource Centre

  • Downloadable tools, resources, and links.
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