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FLOW Institute Corporate Services

The FLOW Coaching Institute will bring flow into your workplace.

We believe that the system as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In corporations, we focus our attention on helping management and individuals work together to enhance their workplace's flow.

Our services are focused on the daily development of your company’s potential, while encouraging sustainable performance and organizational skill to ensure the focus remains on your business’s performance. The FLOW Coaching Institute’s (FCI®) programs blend of our international experience and our local understanding, and our coaching and leadership services help our clients understand if they are followers or leaders, and take action. Our professional experience providing creative coaching and leadership services to companies all over the globe helps our clients develop their confidence, professional strengths, and problem solving skills.

Do your employees feel engaged at work?

A Gallup survey of over 10 million people worldwide revealed some thought-provoking statistics about employee engagement. Only one-third of survey participants strongly agreed with the statement: “At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best everyday.” Those who disagreed that their work provides them with the opportunity to do their best everyday felt emotionally disengaged at work. The chance of feeling actively disengaged at work increases if your manager ignores you (40%) or focuses on your weaknesses (22%).

In contrast, people who are given the opportunity to focus on their strengths are six times more likely to feel engaged at work, and are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

FLOW Coaching will empower your employees and foster workplace engagement.

We often spend our lives focusing on our shortcomings, rather than developing our strengths. The FLOW Coaching Institute can help you change that. Our goal is to empower you and your employees to tap into your talents and skills, and revitalise your workplace engagement. Through our employee and executive coaching classes, we will teach you how to make the most of your strengths and develop the creative innovation you need to succeed.

Learn about the FLOW Coaching Institute’s commitment to world-class professional coaching.

The FLOW Coaching Institute’s Corporate Coaching Services

The FLOW Coaching Institute has worked with many executives and Fortune 1000 companies across the world to increase performance, engagement, and overall job fulfillment. Research has proven that coaching creates an atmosphere of excitement and support that will step-up your organization’s performance to the next level. We take a genuine interest in understanding your professional needs, and have experience designing programs for various organizations that will enhance your company’s overall performance.

We listen to your needs and challenges, and design a structure that will work for your company. As every individual is unique, so is every company! That’s why our coaching services begins with listening to you and developing a customized plan to support your success.

Team Coaching

There is no universal formula for building a great team because every team is different. The variety of skills, abilities, habits, personalities, and goals make a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective when creating a team-building strategy. Our team coaching provides a more customized approach to help you develop your team as a whole while capitalizing on their individual talents and strengths. Depending on your needs and goals, team coaching may or may not start with a team assessment.

Coaching Middle Managers

Middle managers are at the heart of the organization and have the opportunity to create a significant impact throughout the organization. However, in many organizations mid-level managers are not aware of their influence and lack empowerment. Through coaching, middle managers can learn to understand their opportunities and become motivated to take responsibility for delivering great results.

Executive Coaching

We know that many executives feel overwhelmed and stressed while trying to balance their professional and personal lives. An easy flow of life cannot exist while under that kind of pressure! FLOW Coaching understands that executives are role models who are responsible for changing the culture of their work environment. By embracing a fresh approach to workplace leadership, executives can initiate positive change throughout their company.

Our executive coaching classes will help you take ownership of your strongest skills and abilities. We’ll teach you how to visualize the workplace as a launching pad to bring flow into all aspects of your life, and how to integrate these qualities into your company’s culture.

The FLOW Coaching Institute’s Corporate Training Programs


Mentorship in the Workplace

Managers are the core of every organization and are responsible for the development of 80 percent of the workforce. Imagine if your business had a whole team of high-performing managers who were able to use their knowledge, experience, and wisdom to encourage their employees to also be high performers!

Our Mentorship in the Workplace program focuses on creating a mentorship culture through managers within the organization. The FLOW Coaching Institute understands that mentorship is the most effective tool to keep and transfer share experience and, knowledge, and know-how throughout the organization. Mentorship is also a way to overcome generational gap and can help. When it is positioned right, mentorship helps to create a learning organization centered around learning and professional growth. Our mentorship program is customized according to the needs of each organization.

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Leader As Coach: Coaching for Cultural Transformation

The Leader As Coach program focuses on helping managers become leaders by teaching them how to coach their employees. The FLOW Coaching Institute understands that leading an organization is a powerful and important experience. Coaching helps create a climate where people are engaged and motivated to deliver great results and care for the overall performance of the organization.

Top leaders play an enormous role in the performance and engagement of employees. We will teach your managers how to be effective leaders within your company to enhance your employees’ productivity and morale. Our Leader As Coach program is a two-day program with three follow-up sessions.

Coaching for Performance: Coaching Skills for Managers

Middle managers are responsible for managing the performance and development of majority of the workforce. What if your middle managers were able to motivate and encourage their teams to take their performance to the next level? Our Coaching for Performance program will help managers learn and practice coaching skills to benefit their employees and company. Our program is designed to develop your managers’ coaching skills by providing them with a thorough understanding of coaching principles and how to put them into practice.

Strength-Based Leadership

Capitalizing on your strengths in the workplace results in better performance, greater engagement, higher levels of energy and vitality, less stress and greater resilience. All of this adds up to a more efficient and higher performing organization. A strength-based approach to leadership and performance can have an enormous impact for a relatively small investment of time. Our program starts with a character questionnaire to discover your strengths, followed by training and coaching sessions.


Five Generations in the Workplace

Shifting workplace demographics, globalization, virtual workplaces, hyper-connectivity, and constant change are only a few of challenges faced by modern workplaces.

By 2020, millennials will represent half of the global workforce. With as many as five generations working side-by-side in modern workplaces, organizations must deal with a growing generational gap and evolving expectations. Each generation has unique work styles, motivations, mindsets, and modes of communication. However, there is one belief shared by professionals from all generations: All employees desire to work for a company they believe in. A place they trust, care about, and respect.

Our Five Generations in the Workplace program, followed by coaching and mentoring, will help managers across the organization understand the needs, habits, skill-sets, and expectations of each generation. This understanding will help create a corporate culture of empathy and engagement.

Reverse Mentoring

In our fast-paced world flooded with social networks and new technology, the need to keep up has never been more challenging. The FLOW Coaching Institute has designed customized reverse mentoring programs for various industries and organizations. In reverse mentoring, millennials provide insight and guidance to senior executives to help them understand the dynamics of the generational gap and the realities of the digital age.

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Women in Leadership: Women’s Mentorship

Our Women in Leadership program will provide support and mentorship to empower women to be confident leaders.

If your organization is embracing gender diversity in the workplace and introducing ways to empower female employees to take on more leadership roles, we recommend a mentoring strategy. A more formal mentorship policy will help more women to benefit from this form of support. Mentoring women will help build confidence in their abilities, share their ideas, and encourage them to take ownership of leadership roles. Our program will also work to help address any unconscious biases in the workplace that are preventing women from reaching their fullest potential.