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Expressive Arts Coaching ICF ACC Certification

“Coaching Through The Arts“

Where Expressive Arts Meet Coaching

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The FLOW Coaching Institute’s Expressive Arts ICF ACC Coach Certification Program teaches participants creative & aesthetic skills and tools to give them the chance to become certified coaches and learn to coach through the arts.

Certified Coaching is about designing a meaningful future where an individual’s strengths becomes the foundation of their future work. When the arts are used in a coaching session, the experience of art-making or the creation of a work itself helps the client to gain an optimistic view towards challenging goals. The meaning of the challenge shifts in a hopeful direction. The aesthetic experience reminds the client what is truly important to her on a deeper level, and once this is revealed and crystallized, then the client is able to focus on designing authentic goals and acting upon them towards a more fulfilling future.


The FLOW Expressive Arts ICF ACC Coach Certification program consists of two modules (two days each) with practicum building and supervision component where participants will, through their own experience, be able to obtain an understanding of how Expressive Arts Coaching works. Along with academic information, participants will also be able to practice creative coaching exercises through well developed tools and processes.

Module 1

Module 1: Awareness: Where Expressive Arts Meet Coaching
The Awareness Module is the foundation of FLOW Coaching. This training Module will train you in the foundational theory and practice of coaching. You will learn the critical elements of coaching, as noted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF): ethics and principles, building trust and intimacy, establishing agreement, effective goal setting, creating compelling futures, creative questions, and more. By the end of this Module, you will be able to competently conduct a basic coaching session.

Module 2

Creative Planning
Module 2: Creative Planning: Where Planning Becomes A Manifestation
The Creative Planning Module will provide you with the tools to go deeper into the FLOW Coach Methodology. You will learn how to help your clients design solutions to achieve their personal and professional goals. In this Module, theory and practice are integrated using advanced creative tools and strategies. You will graduate this Module with a deeper knowledge of FLOW Coaching’s practices, and the ability to empower your clients to move towards meaningful and sustainable life changes.

Module 3

Practice Building & Supervision
Module 3: Practice Building & Supervision: Where the Expressive Arts Coach Builds Confidence and ICF ACC Certified Coach Competencies
The Practicum and Supervision Module will help you apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations and build the confidence you need to become a professional coach. The practicum contains four components:
  • Practicum classes.
  • Supervised coaching sessions and feedback.
  • Mentor coaching sessions that will allow you to confidently move towards your ICF credentialing.
  • Oral coaching assessment completed following the classes and mentor coaching sessions.
Supervised coaching sessions are an important part of the practicum classes. We encourage our students to build their own coaching practice using a variety of strategies. As part of your classroom teaching, there will be peer-coaching. Mentor coaching sessions allow student coaches to align their coaching skills with ICF competencies. Through mentor coaching sessions, students get detailed feedback on their coaching skills based on each ICF competency. All components of the Practicum and Supervision Module must be completed within one year of starting the Module.
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