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Student Code of Conduct


The FLOW Coaching Institute (“FCI”) trains world-class coaches through face-to-face and virtual coach training programs accredited by the International Coach Federation. Since 2009, FCI has assisting over 50,000 individual and Fortune 1000 companies around the world, by preparing future coaches with the tools necessary to make a positive changes in their lives and the lives of their peers.

In light of the above, the purpose of this Student Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is to define the general standard of conduct expected of all FCI students, and to ensure a safe and cordial learning environment free of judgement, discrimination, bullying, or harassment. During all FCI classes and events, and on all FCI platforms, all Students are expected to be aware of and conduct themselves in accordance with this Code, and any amendments hereto from time to time.


In this Code:

“governing body” shall mean any Canadian federal or provincial government entity or agency and shall include but not be limited to government entities that regulate occupational health and safety;

“Human Rights Code” shall mean the Human Rights Code of British Columbia, or any similar law or code in any other Canadian jurisdiction;

“law” shall mean any Canadian federal or provincial legislation or regulation and all amendments thereto;


FCI has a zero-bullying policy, either against another student or an FCI staff member. Students shall not either directly or indirectly bully, harass, intimidate, threaten, or otherwise conduct a violent act against another student of FCI staff member, while in class, at a FCI-related activity, or in any other circumstance where engaging in the activity will in the sole discretion of FCI, have an impact on FCI’s class environment or on the goodwill and reputation of FCI.

All students recognize that the term “bullying” shall include cyber-bullying, or any such act or omission in any form, including verbal or written, physical or on a mobile or online platform, even if such platform is not owned or operated by FCI. Furthermore, students recognize that terms such as “bullying” and “harassment” may change from time to time, and the definition of such terms in this Code shall be inclusive of any and all definitions afforded to them by any law or governing body.

No student shall discriminate against another student or an FCI staff member on the basis of race, colour, ethnicity, religion, physical or mental disability, age, sex, gender identity, or for any other reason set out in the Human Rights Code. No student shall publish or display anything that would indicate an intention to discriminate against another student or FCI staff member, or expose them to humiliation or hate on the basis set out above.

For greater certainty, FCI promotes the values expressed in the Human Rights Code, and no student shall, in relation to another student or an FCI instructor or staff member, commit any act or omission that would infringe or offend the Human Rights Code or any law.


All students understand that as a coaching institute, FCI strives to demonstrate decorum, positivity, and professionalism. Students shall be punctual to all classes and FCI activities, and shall be respectful of the property and time of other students and staff. Students shall refrain from consuming any illegal or intoxicating substances during classes and activities.

Students shall follow all FCI rules and policies as they may be amended from time to time.

Students shall address each other and FCI staff in a professional and cordial manner, and refrain from profane, disrespectful, or dishonest language.


Students are prohibited from using any FCI property, including, intellectual property, online websites or platforms (collectively, “FCI Property”), from any purposes beyond their intended use. Students shall not use, any FCI Property for any illegal or immoral uses or for any acts or omissions prohibited by this Code. FCI reserves the right to suspend or restrict an offending student’s access to any FCI Property without discount or refund.

Students recognize that they obtain no right or title to any FCI Property and shall return any such FCI Property to FCI staff or administration upon conclusion of their program or upon the request of FCI. Students are explicitly prohibited from using any FCI Property, either during their time at FCI or following graduation, including but not limited to use of FCI curriculum, name, branding, trademarks, copyrighted materials, or other such physical or intellectual property without the express written consent of FCI, which consent shall be unreasonably withheld.


Students are expected to present their own work in class and for assignments. Plagiarism is cheating, regardless of form or medium. Students must give credit to another person’s ideas or works, in the appropriate form.


We hope that our students take pride in our institution and the principles we encourage, and thus students are expected to inform a staff member or administration of any incidents of bullying or harassment, or of any knowledge related to a student’s infraction of any of the provisions provided in this Code.


FCI will in good faith attempt to handle every infraction or alleged infraction of this Code in a fair and equitable manner, and where appropriate may issue warnings before any serious disciplinary action is taken. However all disciplinary action shall be at the sole discretion of FCI, and may include but not be limited to revocation of student privileges, expulsion from a program, loss of assignment credit or marks, or revocation of credentials. FCI shall be under no obligation to discount or refund any fees to a student who suffers disciplinary action under this Code.

Furthermore students understand that any infraction under this Code may lead to further claim or action by FCI, or any aggrieved party.


All course enrollments are subject to availability. Your enrollment in a course is based upon the receipt of payment for both the deposit and the balance due.

Full payment and/or deposits will be assigned to your courses to secure enrollment. We accept payments in the forms of wire transfer, e-transfer and credit card payment on the link we share with you.

Your full balance for the course is due no later than 14 days prior to the course start date. FLOW will notify you if an automatic charge to your credit card results in insufficient funds. Response is required within 3 business days of our notification; if not, your requested space in the course(s) may be released.  If enrolled in a discounted package and payment has not been received by the start of the course, the discounted package price is forfeited and the current à la carte course price will be charged.


As this program is a certification program, students can miss maximum of three classes only with the condition that they will do additional coaching practices & home work in compensation with their missing training hours.

If any time before or during your course you are going to be late or unable to attend, please e-mail or call 1-416-915-41-44


For FCI Privacy policy please visit:


The program sessions are videotaped and recorded for the purpose of being used and distributed in audio formats by FLOW Coaching Institute to other class participants for educational purposes. The recordings are only shared with the participant in cases of absenteeism up to three times.                                                                                                   


I give my permission and authorize FLOW Coaching Institute to videotape, audiotape, photograph, record, edit or otherwise reproduce the program session recordings. I agree to not edit, reproduce, copy, share, circulate, broadcast, provide the recordings and any relevant confidential information within the recordings to any third-party individual and/or organization.


FLOW Coaching Institute’s Online Courses and Programs are delivered over an extended period of time (i.e. over a number of months) and includes intellectual property and licensed downloadable content, live online classes, access to restricted member areas, interactive forums and other content. These Courses and Programs are sold as a professional coach certification package and participation can be cancelled and refunds are permitted. Since the hours in each package counts towards accreditation, cancellation fee is applied within 10 days of the course content been accessed or downloaded (partially or entirely.

Non-refundable cancellation fee applies as follows:





Furthermore, transaction fees from Paypal and Square will be reflected if and as applicable.

After 10 days of the program being commenced, refundable amount is calculated based on total attendance hours divided by total program hours i.e. If the person attended the program for 15 hours out of 60 that amount will be deducted from the total tuition and the rest will be refunded. After 50% of the course has commenced (After 7th class) no refunds are entertained.

In case of such an event, a CCEU (Continuing Coaching Education Units) certificate will be issued based on the total hours that the student participated based on their attendance.


Refunds are to be made by sending written notification via email to: 

FLOW Coaching Institute reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any scheduled training/class or replace personnel due to low enrollment or circumstances beyond our control. If a class is rescheduled or canceled, participants will be given notice before the start of class. Students may then enroll in the next available offering of the course or choose another course in cases of cancellation.  



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Please note that all of the recordings are subject to the confidentiality principle since they contain personal information from other students.
I agree to not edit, reproduce, copy, share, circulate, broadcast, provide the recordings, coursebook and any other course material and any relevant confidential information within the recordings to any third-party individual and/or organization.

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