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ICF CCE Certification Accelerated Program

Course Overview

How can a manager accelerate organizational potential and transform it into high performance on a day-to-day basis?
Partnering and collaboration are more gratifying than directing and controlling. Shared responsibility means less that the leader has to shoulder alone. Coaching evokes much more of people’s creativity and talent for their benefit and the benefit of the organization.
People are less dependent on the leader for direction which frees the leader up to expand external networks, study market trends, pursue new alliances and the like. The leader’s sphere of "influence" can be much broader when the leader doesn’t have to "micromanage" others.
The leader has more time to develop new areas of expertise which can add value to the organization and further his or her own career.

Defining Managerial Coaching

Leading through gaining commitment not compliance, means that we learn how to manage by using people’s own self evaluations as the cornerstone to ongoing improvement. We leave behind the pitfalls of power management and embrace a more sophisticated multi-dimensional-behavior focused leadership style.

Coaching is a TOP LEADERSHIP COMPETENCY in today’s modern organizations! that catalyzes to:

Start your coaching career off right with:
  • Reduce turnover
  • Avoid burnout
  • Eliminate low productivity
  • Facilitate an inclusive culture
  • Facilitate employee engagement & loyalty (even for remote teams)
  • Support improving workplace mental health
  • Facilitate increasing workplace resilience
  • Engage people in desired vision and decisions
  • Facilitates increasing intrinsic motivation towards productivity
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12 Thought Provoking Leadership Questions

Coaching Questions Help to Grow Your Leadership Personally & Professionally!

What Past Participants Said

“I’ve attended many courses, and your program is exactly what we were looking for: A complete and modern coaching program.”

- Alessandro Attanelli Manager of Learning & Development, The Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East & Africa The FLOW Coach Method

“I realized that I can use some of my strengths more effectively. I had the opportunity to analyze different ways to motivate my team and the value of giving individual feedback to my team members.”

- Neveser Zaim Contact Center Manager, Pirelli Tyres

Our intensive ‘Leader as Coach: Coaching Skills & Strategies for Today’s Managers’

Accelerated program offers accelerated learning and coaching practice for those of you who would like to:
  • Learn about our top-rated-signature ‘5 Crucial Strategies’ in creating successful coaching programs in various organizations
  • Learn about why the ‘FLOW model’ is more comprehensive than the ‘GROW model’
  • Practice the FLOW coaching model and 5 step methodology
  • Learn about coaching towards engagement and creating a sense of positive flow
  • Explore our coach-like approach to setting effective goals, prioritization towards increasing productivity while maintaining a positive culture
  • Experience our award-winning corporate team coaching processes
  • Learn how to coach people from a state of apathy or boredom into a sense of flow and intrinsic motivation
  • Understand the mechanism of coaching style management toward cultural transformation
  • Explore corporate coaching case studies FLOW has led in various industries and organizations in the last 15 years.

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Earn Your ICF Certification Through FLOW’s Award Winning 5 STEP Methodology and Curriculum

The 5 Step Flow Coaching Methodology And Curriculum were awarded as the BEST COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAM by ATD (Association of Talent Development) twice.

With thousands of managers that took the Leader-As-Coach: Coaching Skills & Strategies program, we experienced that, participants have many “AHA” moments with a fresh perspective about the value and various benefits of a coach-like approach to their personal growth goals, their work, their lives, and their relationships. During the course, managers deepen a systematic exploration of their coaching communication style and add new layers towards having skillful coaching conversations. Live coaching practice happen, and participants are observed through their practice. Moreover, they will start:

  • Using self-evaluation forms
  • Receive guidelines for managers conducting a successful coaching session
  • Receive a Summary Checklist to Plan Effective Managerial Coaching Sessions
  • Learn about FLOW Coaching Institute’s corporate coaching case studies in various corporations– wins and challenges.
  • Using forms in coaching –pre-session & post session

During this Accelerated-Intensive corporate culture and productivity-oriented Leader-As-Coach: Coaching Skills & Strategies For Today’s Managers program, we’ll share our tips and secrets that carried our best coaching approach to many awards and top marks from our corporate clients.

Get access to our certified Flow Coach Method overview.