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Masters of Retail: Cultivating a Coaching and Mentoring Culture in a retail Organisation

LC Waikiki is one of the fastest growing international retail chains with focus on emerging markets. In the last 10 years, as the company has grown tremendously and expanded to new markets, it has become crucial to empower it’s store managers as advocates of the cultural transformation that the organization has needed because of the speed of international growth in different markets.


In retail business, if head quarter is the brain, stores are body parts including arms and legs that provide the organization with capability to move forward. Without stores, it wouldn’t be called as retail business but anything else.


In 2012, Retail Human Resources Management was searching for an effective approach to support store managers with contemporary ways in leading millennials and teach them the company culture and know-how throughout the organization. They approached Flow and together we designed a custom coaching and mentorship program. We branded the program as “The Masters of Retail” and created a selection criteria to identify the masters that will cultivate leadership capabilities throughout the organization. We had them go through a special training program just designed for them followed by practicum & supervisions. We paid special attention to support them along the process instead of leaving them alone in the field where they had to demonstrate the skills we thought them.


Due to it’s sustainable structure and commitment by the masters of retail, program hit a long term sustainability throughout the organization. So far, 89 store managers went through the program. These masters touched the lives of 239 new store managers and mentored them in their first 6 months. Along with new managers, they also mentored and coached their employees regularly.


In 2015, the program was awarded as the “Best Coaching and Mentorship Program” by TEGEP, local branch of ATD (Association of Talent Development).

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