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Coaching, although it is more than $ 2 billion market, is not regulated in many parts of the world. Therefore, although we do not encourage, we see so many self-acclaimed coaches without the right and sufficient training.

Successful coaches, who value education, have gone through extensive programs from which they emerge as certified professional coaches. These programs are recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), a governing organization that regulates the competencies and ethical guidelines and principles across the world.  Besides bening a governing body, ICF is also a membership organization that provides resources and accreditation in the field of coaching. These programs, including Flow’s coach training programs, require years of training and practice, includes assessments and supervision, and require ongoing practice, study and supervision over time. Most of the certified coaches who have göne through such education are well invested and have an advanced degree in psychology, human resources, business administration, or leadership development and may have attended many training courses or workshops to hone their skills around coaching. If a coaching program does not state ACTP or ACSTH logo by the ICF, their programs do not lead to a certified coach designation under ICF guidelines. There is also CEU and CCEU credits that you may see in some training programs, these credits as well will not certify you as these credits count as continuing education units for Professional coaches for their ongoing development- they can not be used for initial certification application. 

FLOW Coaching Institute’s coach training programs are recognised by the ICF at the highest level of certificationOur programs are aligned and accredited with ACTP and ACSTH certification by International Coach Federation. 

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