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Five Generations in the Workplace

Shifting workplace demographics, globalization, virtual workplaces, hyper-connectivity, and constant change are only a few of challenges faced by modern workplaces.

By 2020, millennials will represent half of the global workforce. With as many as five generations working side-by-side in modern workplaces, organizations must deal with a growing generational gap and evolving expectations. Each generation has unique work styles, motivations, mindsets, and modes of communication. However, there is one belief shared by professionals from all generations: All employees desire to work for a company they believe in. A place they trust, care about, and respect.

Our Five Generations in the Workplace program, followed by coaching and mentoring, will help managers across the organization understand the needs, habits, skill-sets, and expectations of each generation. This understanding will help create a corporate culture of empathy and engagement.

Reverse Mentoring

In our fast-paced world flooded with social networks and new technology, the need to keep up has never been more challenging. The FLOW Coaching Institute has designed customized reverse mentoring programs for various industries and organizations. In reverse mentoring, millennials provide insight and guidance to senior executives to help them understand the dynamics of the generational gap and the realities of the digital age.

female mentoring programs
Women in Leadership: Women’s Mentorship

Our Women in Leadership program will provide support and mentorship to empower women to be confident leaders.

If your organization is embracing gender diversity in the workplace and introducing ways to empower female employees to take on more leadership roles, we recommend a mentoring strategy. A more formal mentorship policy will help more women to benefit from this form of support. Mentoring women will help build confidence in their abilities, share their ideas, and encourage them to take ownership of leadership roles. Our program will also work to help address any unconscious biases in the workplace that are preventing women from reaching their fullest potential.