“Excellent program. I learned a lot, had so much practice, and I completed the modules feeling confident about coaching. I love people at FLOW, and am impressed by the variety of tools and processes to assist our clients.”

Daphne Cohen Life Coach & Entrepreneur

“It has been a transformational journey for me. The people are authentic and the program is so much fun. I appreciate the quality and experience of the program leaders.”

Lara Kale Executive Coach, Trainer & Consultant

“The program is excellent and gave me practical tools to coach. As a corporate coach, I work with very different profiles and I use everything that I learned in the program in my coaching practice.”

Morris Can Kara Corporate Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

“Positive psychology tools motivated me to work on my negative thinking habits. Having peer coaching during the program is very useful. I am a more optimistic person now and I’ve become a better resource for my clients.”

Gila Kurushyan HR Consultant and Career Coach

“I’ve attended many courses, and your program is exactly what we were looking for: A complete and modern coaching program.”

Alessandro Attanelli Manager of Learning & Development, The Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East & Africa

“This program is different from other corporate trainings I’ve attended. What makes it different for me is its authenticity. I recommend this program to everyone who wishes to experience coaching in its real form.”

Basak Beleli, Kraft Foods HR Work Leader & Organizational and Skill Growth Manager

“Besides teaching the techniques, applications, and methods related to coaching, it also gave me the opportunity to understand my own blocks. You should get this training not only to receive a coaching certificate but for your own good.”

Meltem Sozubir Assessment Systems, Senior Consultant and Evaluator

“FLOW helped us to realize that managers may be the most powerful learning and development resource in an organization. By using coaching, a manager can help with employee development.”

The Coaching Manager Participants Mercedes Benz

“I realized that I can use some of my strengths more effectively. I had the opportunity to analyze different ways to motivate my team and the value of giving individual feedback to my team members.”

Neveser Zaim Contact Center Manager, Pirelli Tyres

“Coaching is an amazing tool. I would like to thank FLOW for guiding me to use their miraculous tools to organize my goals, every day thoughts, and actions.”

Julia Ailar Senior Account Manager, RBC Royal Bank Canada

“Parent Coach training with FLOW Coaching International not only helped me to understand the depth of parental coaching dynamics, but it also helped me to understand the temperament of my children, hence improve my communication skills with them.”

Azra Cavushyan Parent Coach & Author

"When I started FLOW Parent Coach course, my objective was to understand my child better and to have the right approach as a parent. I was so impressed by the depth of the course, examples, and experience of Talyaa; I transformed my relationship with my own mother. Then, I wanted to learn more about coaching and I completed FLOW Coaching program and have become a parent coach myself."

Yasmine Genc Parent Coach & Daycare Owner

"Having embarked its mentorship journey by Flow CoachingInstitute, our employees and IKEA as a company feel really fortunate. We are very grateful for Flow’s highly qualified instructors who made the process of learning enjoyable, personable and trustworthy. Thanks for this incredible journey!"

Ayla Mashlak Human Resources Director, IKEA

"I highly recommend Flow Coaching International for their high-quality content and the warm and supportive atmosphere that enabled participants to build long-term relationships. Individuals looking to increase their awareness and quality of life should consider going on this journey."

Alysson Chalik, Human Resources Director Talent Smart / Praxi Alliance

"What I like the most about FLOW’s online program is to see how invested and generous our program instructors have been. From their authenticity and guidance, you can tell that FLOW’s program instructors and mentors really want to see us succeed. When you complete the program you definitely feel like you are invested too"

Tammy Douglas Internal Talent Coach & Corporate Creativity Facilitator

“Excellent program. Amazing instructors! I am grateful for this opportunity. I am sure I am going to apply everything that I learnt in my personal life and in the world of work. ”

Carrie Cooperrieder HR Recruitment Consultant & Career Coach & Facilitator

"We have trained our Store Managers as "Coaching Managers" with FLOW Coaching Institute. Since completing the program, our in-store employee engagement scores has increased by % 40. On top of that, when we did in-debth interviews to understand the reason behind such increase, the employees indicated that, with the new management style, they have been feeling more appreciated and invested even at times where they get constructive criticism from their managers"

Michelle Purdue Human Resources Director

"Since taking the FLOW Coaching Program I have literally doubled my business! The best thing happened to me is that along with coaching strategies, the program taught me how to focus on my personal and business goals"

Omar Sharma Business Owner & Angel Investor

“I realized that I can use some of my strengths more effectively. I had the opportunity to analyze different ways to motivate my team and the value of giving individual feedback to my team members.”

Neveser Zaim Contact Center Manager, Pirelli Tyres

"The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. “Optimal experience, where flow is realized, is thus something we make happen (in fact make possible)."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 1990

"Contrary to what we tend to assume, the normal state of the mind is chaos … when we are left alone, with no demands on attention, the basic order of the mind reveals itself. Entropy is “the normal state of consciousness – a condition that is neither useful nor enjoyable."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 1990

This program is for everyone who wants to make a difference in the work they do. Whether you are an experienced manager of a large team or an individual contributor, if you believe in coaching and the power of asking questions to inspire and transform people, this course is for you. It has fundamentally changed my perspective on coaching and leadership and we will continue to use the FLOW Coaching Institute team to help our people work together more effectively and to perform at a more sophisticated level."

Director, Human Resources

EXA Coaching Through The Arts program has opened the door- way to my authentic self

Joanne Dennis

Coaching is an amazing tool and I would like to thank FLOW for guiding me to use her miraculous tools to organize my goals, every day thoughts and actions.

Julia Aylar