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Types of Coaching

The FLOW Coach Method Gives You the Skills to Develop Your Coaching Specialty.

As a FLOW Coaching graduate, you can apply the skills you learned through the FLOW Coach Method to pursue a variety of coaching specialties. Maybe you want to focus on interpersonal coaching specialties and help your clients develop the life skills they need to thrive. Or maybe your talents will shine in the business coaching specialties, as you help professionals and corporations achieve their goals.


Follow your passion! Learn how the
FLOW Coach Method will give you the
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Whatever your desired coaching specialty, rest assured that the FLOW Coach Method and the FLOW Business School will give you the skills and confidence you need develop your successful coaching business.


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Coaching Specialties

Life Coach

Inspire and support your clients as they make their dreams a reality. As a life coach, you’ll help your clients recognize the blockages that are delaying their success. Your work will involve helping them dissolve mental and emotional blockages so they can become happier, freer versions of themselves, and reach their highest potential.

Wellness Coach

Help your clients achieve their wellness lifestyle goals. Your clients will look to you to for guidance and motivation as they pursue their new, healthy lifestyle. As a wellness coach, you’ll support your clients as they manage health challenges, and work towards achieving a healthy and vibrant body.

Relationship Coach

Guide couples as they learn to communicate more effectively and strengthen their emotional bonds. Your work will involve helping couples navigate through their relationships issues. As a relationship coach, you’ll support couples by providing the advice and outside perspective they need to clearly define their relationship issues, learn to compromise, and start to work together as a team.

Parenting Coach

Coach parents how to support their children as they grow into healthy and happy adults. As a parenting coach, you’ll coach parents as they guide their child important critical thinking and coping skills, and encourage their child to embrace their uniqueness and creativity. You’ll also help parents learn to communicate with their children without lecturing, judging, or criticizing.

Youth Coach

Encourage young people to overcome barriers and reach their full potential. Young people often feel overwhelmed by parental, academic, and social demands, and need guidance and support as they learn to find balance. As a youth coach, you’ll help young people embrace their individuality and create a plan for their future so they can grow into successful and confident adults.

Spiritual Coach

Help your clients connect with their spirituality and find greater meaning in their lives. In today’s busy and stressful world, some people need guidance to maintain their faith and spirituality. Encourage your clients to find gratefulness in their achievements and lessons in their challenges as they strengthen their connection with the divine.

Money Coach

Guide your clients as they follow money management plans tailored to their income, budgets, and needs. As a money coach, you’ll help clients navigate through the sometimes confusing and overwhelming world of finances, and create a personal financial management plan. Your work as a money coach will include financial analysis and planning, so you can help your clients can plan for their future and achieve their financial goals.

Executive Coach

Support busy executives as they reach their career goals and find balance in their lives. As an executive coach, you’ll help business professionals improve their leadership skills, their public speaking skills, and creative problem-solving abilities. You’ll also help executives achieve and maintain balance in their professional and personal lives.

Corporate Coach

Motivate and inspire businesses as they define their goals and overcome challenges to their growth. As a corporate coach, you’ll help businesses manage daily operational challenges, develop creative solutions to meet their goals, and create plans for sustainable growth.

Small Business Coach

Help your clients run their small business more effectively and guide them as their business grows. Entrepreneurs who run small business can feel like they’re being pulled in every direction and need help learning to manage their time. As a small business coach, you’ll help your clients build the confidence and skills they need to manage customer demands and grow their businesses.

Career Coach

Support others as they find their ideal careers. Your clients may need guidance finding a field that sparks their interest, and creating a plan to successfully enter that field. Other clients may need support as they climb up the ladder and earn management positions. As a career coach, you’ll help your clients determine where they want to be in their career, and help them develop a plan to reach their goals.