What is Business Coaching and Mentoring?

What is Business Coaching and Mentoring?

Business Coaching is about partnering with business owners and entrepreneurs to take their business from where it currently is to where it can evolve.

A good business coach will support the business owner in growing their business by helping them clarify the vision of their business as well as craft tangible strategies that will bring advancement.

All coaching is future-oriented, and so is business coaching. A good business coach becomes a thought partner for the business owner. It helps if the coach has a successful business background to be able to understand the challenges and opportunities for the business.  This way the coach can use that experience to drive the business coaching process in the right direction.

A good business coach knows how to support the business owner in gaining increased focus, clarity, and strategies. Many business owners live on the edge of burnout and therefore having business coaching support helps them maintain their resiliency and motivation. For every successful business it is important that the owner has a sense of direction that includes both short- and long-term goals. Even though the intention in the beginning is clear for most business owners, they may get distracted and confused when things move slower than their original hopes. That is why smart entrepreneurs hire a good business coach, knowing that it is a sure ROI.

If a business coach has relevant experience in the field, sometimes clients may benefit from their mentoring service as well. If this is the case, the coach might wear two hats: business coach and business mentor. Mentors are responsible to give advice and share their experiences with their clients. Therefore, when there is a need for guidance, the initial agreement should include mentoring in order to manage expectations and set boundaries for the mentorship right from the very beginning.