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Workplace Engagement

In a world where “serious” work may be regarded necessarily unpleasant but enables us to earn a good living; sooner or later we all enter a period in where we have the desire to make our lives more meaningful. Whether we are front-line workers, white-collar managers, or CEO’s of multinational companies, we may find ourselves trying to resist a state of boredom, anxiety and alienation/loneliness to find more meaning in our daily lives. While the dominant environment/culture pursues money, prestige, and constant pleasure, some people pursue meaning and simple satisfaction. Some become curious about the source of unhappiness, lack of meaning, motivation and dissatisfaction, but they cannot find the answer themselves. At FLOW, we believe that a work life beyond boredom and anxiety is possible.


According to the FLOW Coaching Institute, the key ingredient of today’s engaged workplace lies in the capability of managers in coaching their people. How? Managers become authentic leaders only when they learn how to coach their people. Flow’s structured model allows managers to apply incorporate learning into their management style. As they apply more;


  • They observe increased engagement from their teams
  • Increased ownership and accountability
  • Decreased turnover
  • Cultural shift with increased sense of inclusion
  • Decrease of communication misunderstandings and false assumptions
  • Desire to share more and sense of increased collaboration by different team members

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