Written Evaluation

Core Foundations M1-5 Written Evaluation

Unleash Your Creative Potential Towards Positive Shift

    1. Please list at least three of the FLOW Coaching Principles.

    2. You have a coachee. She started to work with you, her goal was to find a meaningful career path that is fulfilling for her. At your third session with her, she admits that she finds the process very slow and she is not satisfied with your coaching. How would you manage the conversation and your relationship with her?

    3. You have a coachee who approached to you for working on his financial goals. Later in the relationship, he told you that he wants to benefit specifically from your financial expertise. He is curious about your suggestions. What would you do?

    4. You have a session with a coachee. He came to the session and told you that he only wants to chat, but not to be coached. What would you do?

    5. You are an executive coach working with a manager from an organization. The manager of your coachee called you and specifically asked for feedback about the person you are coaching. What would you do?

    6. You have a coachee and you are working on her perfectionism that causes her to procrasinate. In the middle of your relationship, she lost her job and came to the session, anyhow. How would you handle the situation?

    7. You are in the middle of an hour coaching session with a client. You identified goals in your first session and established the session’s agreement. However, you notice that your client changes the subject as if he is avoiding the topic you initially agreed on. What would you do?

    8. What do you do in your first session with a potential client?

    9. How do you build trust and intimacy with a client?

    10. Can you give an example dialogue of a direct communication?