5 Ways A Certified Coach Can Help You Transform Your Life

5 Ways A Certified Coach Can Help You Transform Your Life 1 Year Ago · 5 min read

Talyaa Vardar

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

At some point in your life, you would have had someone in your life coach you and mentor you through some hard and difficult moments in your life. When you were younger, that person might have been your parents and when you go to school, it would be your teachers. 

But, somehow, this kinda stops when you grow up. Why is that? 

When you get older, why should you stop having that one person who is there to help, coach, and mentor you through your life? This is why we believe that coaches are incredibly important for you to thrive in life. An ICF-certified coach will greatly help you plan out your life, help you figure out which parts of it you want to focus and grow and what parts you would like to work on and improve. 

Certified coaches can help you achieve your fullest potential in areas like your business, career, personal life, financial life, and just life in general. They are known to be masterful when it comes to achieving life goals as they are there to help ground you and walk alongside you to achieve your goals and wants in life. 

Here at Flow Coaching Institute, we have worked with thousands of students and we have helped change and transform those lives for the better. With that first-hand experience, we have also continuously improved our coaching programs to put forth the best-certified coaches out there. Our alumni are known to be some of the best-certified coaches out there because of our direct feedback loops and our dedication to making the world a better place from coaching. 

So, how does a certified coach help you transform your life? 

Certified Coaches Help You Identify Your Blockers & Problems 

Certified coaches are there to help you dig deep into your roots and find the causes of your main blockers and problems. These issues are usually the ones that are stopping you or holding you back from reaching your best potential. 

Determining your issues is hard and confusing especially if you haven’t done that practice before. An experienced certified coach will be able to assist you with a better understanding of yourself, your ideas, your blockers, issues, and roadblocks. By working with a certified coach and by identifying these blockers, you will be able to stop holding back and move forward with the changes that you wanted to see in yourself. 

Certified Coaches Will Help You Focus 

Everything is moving at 100 miles an hour today, with the internet, everyone working from home and just how easy it is for us to get information, it can get overwhelming. There are always going to be a hundred things that you want to get done and that are important and urgent. But, with a certified coach by your side, they would have worked with you to find out what your blockers are, and then with that, they can create a path of focus for you. This path will help you focus on what it is you want to work on. 

Focusing on these little steps is the main way to help you reach your goals. Without focus, nothing really changes and this is where a certified coach can help you. 

Certified Coaches Create Your Goals With You 

Once you’ve figured out your main blockers and roadblocks and you’ve honed in on your focus areas, another great benefit of having a certified coach by your side is that they will work with you to curate your goals. 

The reason why having a certified coach by your side is so that you can make sense of all the work you want to get done with yourself. After identifying your issues, blockers, and what you want to focus on, that is only half the work. The other half is putting that on paper and actually creating a plan to help you reach those goals. 

Certified coaches are your lighthouses, you can go and explore and try new things but they will always be there to guide you back to where you need to be to achieve your goals. 

Certified Coaches Boost Your Confidence 

How does it feel when you have someone on your side, supporting you through it all? It feels extremely rewarding, doesn’t it? It also gives you that confidence boost in knowing that someone is in your corner at all times. A certified coach will help you see your worth, your strengths, how to leverage your weaknesses, and also ensure that you realize that you deserve the best things in life. 

Certified coaches will also make sure that you are empowered and fueled to get what you truly deserve in your life as well. That overall confidence boost is critical in ensuring that you really change your life for the better. 

Certified Coaches Are There To Hold You Accountable 

Have you ever been a victim of the new year’s resolution issue that happens every year? Where everyone is super pumped to change their lives and they create this list of resolutions that get forgotten after a month? Well, having a certified coach will help you curb that. 

Regardless of your goals, they are there to make sure that you are accountable to yourself, and that you are constantly working on improving yourself and making your life a better one every day. They are there motivating you and picking you up when you are down. 

At the end of the day, a certified coach whether it’s for your career, your business, or even your personal life is someone that you need in your corner if you are seriously thinking about changing things in your life. They are there to give you that extra push, to mentor you, and to be there for you when things seem like they have hit a plateau or a brick wall. 

If you have a personal coach, let us know what makes them so special? We would love to hear about your experience as well!  

And if you are looking to become a coach, head on over to our schedule page to see if there are any upcoming programs that you would like to join us for. We can't wait to see you!