What Does A Business Coach Do?

What Does A Business Coach Do? 1 Year Ago · 5 min read

Talyaa Vardar

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

Business coaches serve as motivation and success partners, coaching you in the skills you need to be successful in your business and serving as a source of information should you ever have any questions about what you should do.

Much like any other coach, business coaches work to help you define SMART business goals that are specific and achievable, help you to define a game plan, refine your talents, support your decisions, help with stress and resilience to ensure that you and your business are successful.

Business coaches start by a needs analysis to understand the gap between where you and your business are and where you can and should be. They might also start by learning about your brand, business and company, from its value propositions to its target customers to the challenges it will face and beyond. Once your business coach has learned everything that they can about your offerings and systems, they’ll next want to learn more about your vision for your company and the goals that you have for it. Business coach will need to know whether you are planning to turn your business into a livable income for you and your family or a multi-million dollar corporation and/or planning an exit in the future.

Next, a business coach will work with you to set attainable goals for you, your business and your team if exists. Once a set of goals are in place, your business coach is there to help you meet them, aiding you in devising a set of strategies and action plans designed to push your business to meet desired results and coaching you navigate any challenges that come up or might come up along the way.

At FLOW Business Coaching Certification program, our business coaches are trained specifically in coaching through business analysis methodologies such as SWOT, Gap Analysis, Three Pillars of Strategic Creativity and many more. Therefore they will know how to approach your case and what to offer that will ensure that the best approach is in place for you and your business.

If you want to become a certified business coach through ICF (International Coach Federation) you can check our online business coach training information page here: https://flowcoachinginstitute.com/courses