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Online Business Coach Certification Program

The Flow Coaching Institute’s business coach certification training programs are recognized and accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). The program provides 60 ICF certified core competency hours that count towards ICF ACC Certified Coach credentialing application.


Today, only two of five entrepreneurs become successful. What is the success factor? Research tells us that the ones that make it to success has a good coach and/or mentor. Those that don't succeed, ignore the importance of having a strong support system. A strong support system involves surrounding yourself with people that are willing to partner with you in your journey. As a business coach, your role is to become a success partner for your clients. Today, a success partner doesn’t only work with business goals but they also help the entrepreneur learn and unlearn habits that will bring them closer to accomplishing their dreams. Here at FLOW Coaching Institute, we teach you not only to coach your client towards their business goals, but to also coach them as a whole person. Your ability to coach the whole person will allow them to move towards adopting functional habits that bring success and leave behind dysfunctional ones that prevent them from achieving their goals.


The Fast Track Online Business Coach Certification training program components;

  • Live online weekly classes
  • Peer coaching 
  • Oral & written performance evaluation
  • Career planning and business development support  

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The 5 Step Flow Business Coaching Method

The FLOW Coaching Business Coach Certification Training Program Modules provide step-by-step teachings to help you learn the skills required to become a success partner for your clients and develop your ability to coach and use the tools and processes to adapt to the context of business world. Flow’s unique business coaching model and modules are designed to provide a wide range of tools, processes and methodologies to enable you to coach entrepreneurs, whether a start-up or a mid sized company, to obtaining tangible results. The set of comprehensive techniques will equip you with confidence to build a professional coaching relationship with them from chemistry meeting till the closure of the coaching relationship.

The Awareness Step is the foundation of FLOW Coaching Certification Program. You will learn the critical elements of coaching, as noted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF): ethics and principles, building trust and intimacy, establishing agreement, effective goal setting, creating compelling futures, creative questions, and more. By the end of this step, you will be able to competently conduct a professional coaching session.

The Motivation Step will provide you with a deeper understanding how you can motivate and inspire your clients to realize their goals. You will learn to recognize your clients’ internal blocks so you can encourage them to overcome these blocks to achieve sustainable success and build resilience day by day. Finding and dissolving these barriers will help your clients move towards the planning phase and ultimate achievement of their goals.

The Creative Planning Step will provide you with the tools to go deeper into the Flow Coach Methodology and Strategies. You will learn how to help your clients design solutions to design alternating success scenarios and back-up scenarios to achieve progress day by day towards their business goals. In this Module, you will learn to work with your business clients through the use of advanced creative and strategic tools. These tools with other strategies that you will be learning, will enable you as a FLOW Certified Business Coach to support your clients to analyze the gap between where they currently are and where they can be to create an efficient business plan that will bring them closer to their goals.

The Achievement Step will enhance your business coaching skills to help you support your clients as they move towards achieving sustainable results. You will learn how to help your clients refine their visions and goals, and project their achievements. This Module will give you the wisdom to empower and support your clients’ entrepreneurial dreams to come to reality.

The Focus Step is about focus and resilience. If you think that only two out of five start-ups can make it to their fourth year, we can all agree that focus and resilience are very crucial to sustaining commitment and avoiding burnout. Majority of entrepreneurs have problems focusing on what is truly important to them, and procrastination as well as daily distractions is a common challenge to overcome. In this step, you will learn how to help your clients stay focused and still be resilient. You will also learn how to support them to overcome procrastination and negativity, and support their progress through daily actions and ‘small wins’. As a coach, you will learn to create a strong and supportive coaching presence that will keep your clients on track.