10 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Business Coach

10 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Business Coach

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

Did you know that only two of five businesses are able to survive the fourth year of their business operations?

The main reason is that business owners, entrepreneurs and executives are very proactive personalities with a little habit of seeking help from experts. Even though most of them struggle highly because of their lack of knowledge in certain areas, they limit themselves in their single perspective and do not seek or accept help from experts. If only they knew that there are trained professionals who know how to help business owners, entrepreneurs and executives with the ability to co-create the business processes with them. These professionals are business coaches!

Research tells us that those who don’t succeed don’t build a strong support system. A strong support system involves surrounding yourself with people that are willing to partner with you in your journey. Building a support system should start with having a success partner that will listen to you, that will provoke your existing paradigms, help you to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone and discipline your planning on a regular basis. These skills are practiced by professional business coaches day by day, session by session.

Here are 10 more reasons Talyaa Vardar, FLOW Coaching Institute’s Programs Director and a Business/Executive Coach for 15 successful years, shares with us. Talyaa believes that each businessperson needs a coach from the very beginning.

A certified business coach will partner with you from the very beginning until making sure that you don’t just survive, but also thrive.

  1. Business Coaches are trained and most of them also are experienced in business strategies. They help business owners, entrepreneurs and business executives to maximize the potential of their business.
  2. Business Coaches are equipped to help set and refine short term, mid term and long term business goals.
  3. With their industry experience, they will help businesses to see the macro picture of where opportunities hide with regards to their industry, target audience and business.
  4. In the short run, business coach aids a business owner to set up business tactics to get to their goals in order to achieve their vision in the long run.
  5. They will help entrepreneurs and executives to develop the capacity for resilience as being an entrepreneur is a journey of many challenges.
  6. Business Coaches can support in developing networking skills and business relationships with intentions.
  7. The entrepreneurs that work with a business coach know how to manage the stress in business and life to help them be successful in the long run.
  8. Business Coach assists to develop the vision to help understand what is important in the long run when business owners get busy with the daily operations.
  9. With the help of a business coach, business owners, entrepreneurs and business executives can adapt to the business terminologies and increase their leadership capacities to make an impact on other stakeholders.
  10. Working with a business coach will give entrepreneurs a sense of support. It will reduce the feeling of isolation. Business owners and executives will have a trusted partner to share their visions, challenges, wins and stories.
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