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Expressive Arts Coaching ICF 24 Units Certificate

Coaching through the Arts

Learn how to coach your clients through challenging goals with the creative and aesthetic skills and tools of Expressive Arts Coaching.

Course Overview

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The FLOW Coaching Institute’s Expressive Arts ICF 24 Units Coach Certification (*Continuing Coaching Education Units) Program teaches participants creative & aesthetic skills and tools to give them the chance to become certified coaches and learn to coach through art.

Certified Coaching is about designing a meaningful future where an individual’s strengths becomes the foundation of their future work. When the art is used in a coaching session, the experience of art-making or the creation of a work itself helps the client to gain an optimistic view towards challenging goals. The meaning of the challenge shifts in a hopeful direction. The aesthetic experience reminds the client what is truly important to him on a deeper level, and once this is revealed and crystallized, then the client is able to focus on designing authentic goals and acting upon them towards a more fulfilling future.

Introducing art into your coaching sessions strengthens the session’s flow while allowing you and your client to develop a deeper bond. Your intuitive coaching abilities accelerate, and your skillset to coach the whole person improves.

During FLOW’s Expressive Arts ICF 24 (Continuing Coaching Education) Coach Certification program, you will experience first-hand the many benefits of this transformative practice. This two-month program will strengthen your coaching knowledge through practice building and our exclusive mentoring component. Along with academic resources, you will also practice creative coaching exercises through well-developed tools and processes.

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Earn Your ICF Certification Through FLOW’s Award Winning 5 STEP Methodology and Curriculum

The 5 Step Flow Coaching Methodology And Curriculum were awarded as the BEST COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAM by ATD (Association of Talent Development) twice.

The Structure of the Course

  • What is Coaching?
  • What is FLOW Coaching?
  • The FLOW Coaching Principles
  • Let’s Coach!
  • Expressive Arts and Aesthetics Experience
  • Poly Aesthetic Theory and FLOW’s Positive Model
  • Introducing Metaphors, Symbols and Dreams
  • Connecting with your intuition and setting up the energy of the session
  • Coaching through visuals (painting, drawing, collage, etc)
  • Live coaching demonstrations and peer practice
  • Group mentoring and supervision
  • Who are we when we are creative?
  • Working with our conscious and subconscious selves through arts
  • Mandala arts coaching
  • Aligning mind, body and heart through movement coaching
  • Coaching through story telling
  • Coaching through story telling
  • Coaching the Whole Person by using the Multiple Dimensions model (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Cultural, Political…dimensions)
  • Live coaching demonstrations and peer practice
  • Group mentoring and supervision
At the end of the program participants are provided with 24 ICF Continuing Coaching Education Units.

Coaches who are already credentialed as ACC, PCC or MCC can use the units towards renewal or upgrading their credential.

Coaches who are not credentialed can submit these credits to ICF (International Coach Federation) through portfolio application.

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FLOW Coaching Methodology & Principles

For many years now coaches have been inspiring lives across the globe by using the FLOW Coaching Methodology with their clients. Other than FLOW coaches we have been receiving many requests from other coaches to learn about the FLOW Coaching Methodology. As a result, we have decided to make the FLOW Coaching methodology and principles available to other coaches from around the world.
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