5 Reminders to Boost Your Confidence as a Life Coaching Student

5 Reminders to Boost Your Confidence as a Life Coaching Student

Elie Abou-Jaoude - Certified Life Coach, FCC. BEng
Elie Abou-Jaoude - Certified Life Coach, FCC. BEng

When I started my ACC-level coaching certification with FLOW Coaching Institute, my previous experience related to this field consisted mostly of volunteering work in non-profit organizations where I supported, through active listening, individuals overcoming mental-health and homelessness challenges. I had no knowledge of the structure of an ICF standards coaching session, until I was taught the FLOW architecture model in class. With the in-class coaching demonstrations and the weekly practices with other students, I had the opportunity to implement what I learned and guide others towards achieving their goals in the most efficient and non-resistant way. However, there were few moments where I doubted my capabilities as a life coach and let this affect my confidence while coaching other students and new clients. I am sharing with you some of the realizations I made during my learning journey that helped me overcome the fear of “not being good enough”, and expand my coaching skills. If you’re on the path of becoming a certified life coach, here are 5 reminders to boost your confidence while you’re a student:

1- You are becoming a life coaching expert

Each client brings a unique background and story to the coaching session. During the weekly practices, you will have the opportunity to coach and be coached by other students with diverse types of goals. These practice sessions will push you past your comfort zones and make you explore different fields of application of coaching. At first, it might feel awkward to coach someone in a field that you are not fully knowledgable in, but remember, you are becoming a coaching expert first and foremost. With the FLOW architecture model, you will be able to drive a client towards achieving all types of goals, whether those be financial, relational, emotional, career-wise, spiritual, and more.

2- Your presence is valuable

Some of the most valuable things you can offer as a life coach is your presence and support. Providing a safe and non-judgmental space enable others to be vulnerable, share their goals, and explore their inner-world, while allowing creativity to flourish. Once you overcome the tendency to overthink what questions to ask next during a session, the focus shifts to the person being coached and the true meaning behind their expressions. When you start listening with deep attention to their words and body language, you enhance your intuitive ability to ask empowering questions and bring a natural flow to the conversation. Powerful life realizations are then made by the clients and by you, the coach, as well.

3- Take care of your well-being

As an ambitious person who wants to see my coaching business grow and succeed, I can relate to the constant drive and pressure to keep being productive and always bring new innovative ideas to the table. What keeps me going forward is those little moments where I allow myself to relax, refuel, and find balance with the activities that bring me joy. For new students, remember to take a step back, once in a while, and focus on your own growth. Being a coach doesn’t mean you should be perfect: you are still humans with needs that are yearning to be honored. Give yourself the same level of love and support you would have with your clients.

4- Start building your support group

In your life coaching classes, you will be part of a group of students who share similar interests in coaching and who are also growing their skills. During practice, you will have the opportunity to be coached by these students and have the space to work through some of your insecurities, insights, and goals. Seeking my group’s support has personally helped me gain more confidence and continuously shift into a more positive mindset throughout the program. You may even learn from the new questions that resonate with you and then add them to your evolving question bank.

5- Be yourself

What distinguish you from other coaches is your unique set of experiences in life. Although the FLOW architecture model gives structure to your coaching sessions, your individuality brings the energy and dynamism to them. Captivate your audience with your authenticity, and don’t forget to add a touch of your personality and humor in your thought-provoking inquiries. Imagine a career where you can be fully authentic, help others, and bring financial abundance into your life: that is life coaching!

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