8 Tips to Create a Successful Coaching Bio

8 Tips to Create a Successful Coaching Bio

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

For a newly certified coach, writing a coach bio is essential for kicking off their coaching practice. But it can be a difficult task if you don’t have much experience in the field. A good quality coach bio is like your first impression and a part of your professional identity. It is very important to put in extra effort in your coach bio to make sure it’s of high-quality as it defines you and your services as a coach.

A finely defined coach bio is a strong form of marketing where you present your coaching style and approach. The following 8 tips to make your coach bio stand out will help you develop just the right one based on your target market and audience.

Here are our top 8 tips to create a successful coaching bio:

Use Impactful Vocabulary & Make It Searchable 

Make sure your coaching bio is “searchable” on search engines. Keep in mind to include keywords that will help your bio show up on the search results when somebody looks for a coach on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. People usually search for coaches around their locations and towns so make sure to include it in your coach bio such as “Business Coach, Jane Doe, Mount Vernon, NY”. People also tend to search for coaches and not always coaching companies so make sure to create your coach bio under your personal name and with variations of your location so when someone searches our name it can come up.

Share Important Details

Your coaching bio is not only about your credentials. Most of your potential clients would want to know if you have the experience and knowledge to help them. For a short bio, be direct and give important details about what you do best. For e.g. “I can help you improve your lifestyle”. For extra details, you can use another space or a second detailed bio.

Write For Your Target Audience

It is not easy to satisfy everyone. Write your coach bio keeping your target audience in mind. The best idea is to select a few of your existing clients and ask them what they were looking for to get an idea of why exactly they chose you. Get help and ideas from your client’s feedback to create a unique coaching bio.

Share Essential Information

Once your bio is found by your potential clients, make yourself as accessible as possible to them. Always add your website and contact information. Join all coaching directories and databases highlighting your contact details. You can rent a post office box number in lieu of your physical address. The bio should have your business phone number, city and email address as well. Creating multiple contact channels allows your clients to reach you conveniently. Without a proper channel for your potential clients to reach out to you, you might be losing some very important clients.

Create a Trusting Bond

Sometimes one bio is not enough, you can create multiple bios and upload them on different websites and databases to help your potential clients find you. Make sure to add your most important details and credentials uniformly to all bios. Add reputable memberships, institutions, or schools if you think they create a difference. Include all the information a possible client would need to know about you. Sharing credible information forms a trust between your potential client and you.

Be Visually Appealing

To attract more attention to your bio, you can add visuals such as a photograph of yourself. You can also use your logo however people feel more connected to the picture of the coach rather than the business logo. The picture of you must be a headshot of you looking professional and friendly.

Use Reviews and Testimonials

Not everyone likes to talk and boast about themselves. Let others do the talking for you. If you have space it is very useful to include testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients. Even if it’s a short bio try to add a short statement from your client. Word of mouth marketing is still the best form of marketing out there, so why not take advantage of that?

Include A “Call to Action”

This is one of the very important steps. People searching for a coach may sometimes feel lost. It is a good idea to direct them to a specific action. This depends on where your coach bio is featured. On a website, it can have a button to a contact form. It can also be an invitation such as “email me to get started with your first discovery session”. On social media, it could also be a link to your website or a direct link to your Whatsapp so that they can reach you as fast as possible.

Coaching as a profession is not easy – but it is extremely rewarding, You have to constantly put yourself out there to ensure that you find your clients and it can get exhausting. This is why we believe a good coaching bio is extremely important as it is your calling card and without it, you might get lost in a sea of information. What are some of the methods you used to get noticed as a professional coach?

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