Why is Coaching Presence Important?

Why is Coaching Presence Important? 1 Year Ago · 5 min read

Talyaa Vardar

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

If you ask any master coach what is one of the most essential things to bring to coaching they will say its Coaching Presence.

One of ICFs Core Competencies is Coaching Presence and they define it as an "Ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationship with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible and confident", Not all coaches pay attention to having a strong coaching presence.

Research defines presence as being present in the now, no distractions of the past or the future exists and no distractions by one’s own personal needs. High awareness, curiosity about the next moment and a state of flow exists. Coaching presence is a state which we experience from time to time but it can be difficult to achieve by trying knowingly.

Coaching presence is highly likely to transfer from a person. If the coach is present it makes it easier for the client to be present as well. This kind of synergy encourages creativity, self-awareness and confidence. This helps find solutions and acting upon them becomes easy which is essentially what ones wants to achieve through coaching.

What Can You Do to Achieve Coaching Presence? 

Practicing mindfulness and meditation daily can help your brain recenter and experience flow without thinking. Yoga and other meditative practices also help you gain presence of mind and body. A few deep breathes are your first start.

Additionally, self care and meeting your own needs first will help boost yourself and help you be more present. Along with this an effective coach training from an established coaching school, observation of coaching demonstrations, peer coaching, practicing your own coaching, mentoring, supervision and gaining feedback from clients as well as supervision & feedback from experienced mentor coaches will eventually get you where you want to be and you will be able to achieve a concrete coaching presence on your own. This will lead you to asking right questions at the right times and have satisfactory coaching outcomes.

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