Transform Your Culture with Effective Conversations

Transform Your Culture with Effective Conversations

Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Talyaa Vardar, MA, FCPC, MCC
Executive Coach, Psychologist & Art Therapist

I don’t recall where I heard it but once I heard a story proving that culture eats strategy. After years of coaching people, executives and organizations, I couldn’t agree more.


Maybe you already know maybe not but 70% of change management projects fail due to the current environment throughout the organization.

I am sorry but it’s true. The culture of your organization is more powerful than your strategy and more persistent than your vision for positive change. It’s the environment that enables vision, goals, strategic plan, performance or undermines it.

Every culture has many layers of the culture that starts with a vision. Then there are values and habits which are followed by skills, capabilities, and resources. Then there are daily procedures, routines, actions; hence results.

The BIG MISTAKE that leaders, human resources or organizational development experts do is to understand where the culture is in all of these layers of the environment. Then setting up SMART goals for each layer to close the gap between where you want the organization to be and where you currently are. After this gap analysis, the most difficult part follows.: Convincing and influencing people towards contribution. That can only happen through talking to people.

Coaching conversations are transformative. If nothing else, coaching teaches you to lead effective conversations. No matter the size of your organization, effective conversations drive business strategy outcomes and create sustainable change. Learning how to integrate coaching into your daily conversations will help you to tailor your message with each person-as each is unique- and provoke people’s thinking process towards betterment.

4 Core Skills for Effective Conversations

Listen with a Focus to Understand

Ask Creative Questions

Encourage to Generate Alternatives

Manage Progress & Accountability

FLOW Coaching Institute’s coaching philosophy and professional coach certification programs are designed to provide these core skills with an applicable and practical approach. We teach these 4 core skills and more to help to real workplace challenges and goals to build trust, foster collaboration and engagement, enable people to contribute to better performance and business outcomes and create a culture where positivity meets productivity.

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