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Online Coach Certification

FLOW’s Online Coach Training Institute gives you the flexibility to support you in different credentialing tracks from  60 ICF (International Coach Federation) approved coach specific training (ACSTH) hours that are counted towards your ICF ACC (Associated Certified Coach) credential to the comprehensive ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) PCC (Professional Certified Coach) track with 125 ICF core competency hours.


AT FLOW’S ONLINE COACH TRAINING PROGRAM, WE WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED! ONLY IN FLOW COACHING INSTITUTE students who enroll in the Online ICF ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) certification track, get the opportunity to receive individual business development and marketing mentoring and coaching support from FLOW’s VERY OWN  6 FIGURE INCOME COACHES as part of their Practicum and Supervision Module!

We ensure you that, at the end of your program with FLOW, whether you want to use your certification in the world of work or start your own business, you will have full confidence in your professional coaching competencies.

While sipping your coffee in your office in the casual atmosphere of your home or avoiding rush hour traffic after an intense work day, the online coaching training program provides you increased flexibility and sense of community during your coachin training.

Our highly experienced instructors with minimum of 10+ years of successful professional coaching career, who have minimum of PCC and MCC credentialing, will place you in the center of your learning experience while you will also have a chance to engage with other student coaches from around the world

What does ICF ACC, PCC, MCC mean?:

The International Coach Federation has three credentialing tracks in the world of professional coaching.

ACC: Accredited Certified Coach
PCC: Professional Certified Coach
MCC: Master Certified Coach

What To Expect from FLOW’s “Online Coach Training” Programs:

FLOW’s online coach training certification programs are executed through interactive coach training webinar courses; live and pre-recorded coaching practices and demonstrations; self-study; one to one mentorship and supervision as well as peer coaching support. Our community based, user friendly interactive learning platform will give you a sense of easiness and flexibility, even if you haven’t experienced any online meeting or training before.


  • Before and between the courses there will be homework assignments to help you wire your brain in applying the professional coaching skills you will learn at each course;
  • Peer support & client coaching practices will help you to improve and enhance your coaching competencies in a safe environment with an opportunity to receive individual and group feedback and supervision;
  • The program is designed to support to increase your confidence before it is too late, before you graduate! FLOW’s diverse set of professional coaching tools and methodologies will give you an increased confidence to be able to coach diverse clients with various topics and personalities.
  • Over the course of the program, we provide you with real life client examples and case studies from around the world to support your skill development in running powerful and transformational coaching sessions.
  • FLOW’s Program instructors have a minimum of 5+ to 25+ years of successful professional coaching career with minimum of PCC and MCC credential.

Facts & Figures about the online coach training program:

  • 100% program participants stated that they use their coaching skills in their everyday work life and for self development.
  •  95% of program participants rated the FLOW Coaching Institute (FCI®) ACTP program as “outstanding”
  • 77% of program participants have active coaching practice with actual clients. Almost 50% of these coaches work as internal coaches within organizations. 50% start their private coaching business.

FLOW’s Online Coach Certification Training Program Alumni feedback:

"What I like the most about FLOW’s online program is to see how invested and generous our program instructors have been. From their authenticity and guidance, you can tell that FLOW’s program instructors and mentors really want to see us succeed. When you complete the program you definitely feel like you are invested too"

Tammy Douglas Internal Talent Coach & Corporate Creativity Facilitator