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"Elevate your organization with comprehensive 360 coaching and training - the ultimate support system in one place!"

As a school of ICF accredited professional coaching, we provide a one-stop-coaching and leadership development support to organizations of all sizes and forms.

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Prepare your employees and leaders for future complexities while helping them cope better with today’s challenges.

Our Philosophy:

Enhancing the experience of flow in all areas of life-both personal and professional.

We believe that each person is unique, creative, and whole, has all the resources they need. Our coaches approach our clients’ lives as systems.

From a systems perspective, integrity of mind, body and soul is essential.

Whatever happens in one area affects the other. What you think about, what you learn, and how you understand, remember, and imagine reveal your emotional, cognitive, behavioral and cultural habits as well as your beliefs and standards.

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Leadership Development That Drives Impact

Great leadership is the kind that improves bottom lines — and lives. As a top-ranked, global, nonprofit provider of leadership development, our human-centered, transformational leadership experiences produce lasting impact:

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Stories of Impact

Join these organizations who have partnered with us for corporate coaching, training and leadership development and start transforming your people and culture today.

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Morris Can KaraCorporate Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

" Very professional. When I first heard that the course has coaching being adapted from arts therapies, as a left brainer I was very hesitant that it wasn’t for me. My company insisted that I go to the course, and I am so grateful that they did. The program is excellent for both right brainers and left brainers as it taught me to tap into the wisdom of both brains and gave me practical tools to coach both. As a corporate coach I work with very different profiles. This is why I use everything that I learnt in the program in my coaching practice. "


Corporate Coaching, Training and Leadership Development Services

  • Self-awareness: Understanding one's own character strengths helps managers and team members better understand their personal values and motivations.
  • Clarity: By providing executives with a clear model for effective leadership, they can navigate their responsibilities with more confidence and ease.
  • Peak performance and productivity: By engaging through Positive Psychology and Flow coaching principles, focusing on strengths and resource development, rather than weaknesses, leaders can help their teams achieve higher levels of performance and productivity.
  • Elevated communication: Employees and leaders benefit from understanding each other's strengths and values, which improves communication and collaboration.
  • Better decision-making and strategic planning: Using thought-provoking strategies help managers and teams improve their judgment and become better strategic thinkers and planners.
  • Improved resilience: Focusing on strengths and resources help employees, managers and teams develop greater resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.
  • Efficient teamwork and team performance: By understanding the big picture and leveraging each other's strengths, teams can work more effectively together and achieve better results.
  • Improved leadership effectiveness: By focusing on their own strengths and those of their team members, leaders can become more effective in their roles.
  • Better employee engagement: Strengths-based leadership can lead to greater employee engagement, which can result in higher levels of job satisfaction and better retention rates.
  • Greater job satisfaction: When employees are able to use their strengths in their work, they tend to experience greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Enhanced organizational culture: Strengths-based leadership and FLOW’s coaching structure helps create a positive, inclusive, and empowering organizational culture, which can lead to improved morale, embracing of DEIJ principles and a more engaged workforce.
  • Improved well-being: By focusing on the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of leadership, leaders can develop habits and practices that promote their own well-being and the well-being of their teams.

Core corporate training programs

Find the best one suits your organisation
Corporate Service


Managers are the core of every organization and are responsible for the development of 80 percent of the workforce. Imagine if your business had a whole team of high-performing managers who were able to use their knowledge, experience, and wisdom to encourage their employees to also be high performers!

Our Mentorship in the Workplace program focuses on creating a mentorship culture through managers within the organization. The FLOW Coaching Institute understands that mentorship is the most effective tool to keep and transfer share experience and, knowledge, and know-how throughout the organization. Mentorship is also a way to overcome generational gap and can help. When it is positioned right, mentorship helps to create a learning organization centered around learning and professional growth. Our mentorship program is customized according to the needs of each organization.

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The Leader As Coach program focuses on helping managers become leaders by teaching them how to coach their employees. The FLOW Coaching Institute understands that leading an organization is a powerful and important experience. Coaching helps create a climate where people are engaged and motivated to deliver great results and care for the overall performance of the organization.

Top leaders play an enormous role in the performance and engagement of employees. We will teach your managers how to be effective leaders within your company to enhance your employees’ productivity and morale. Our Leader As Coach program is a two-day program with three follow-up sessions.

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Middle managers are responsible for managing the performance and development of majority of the workforce. What if your middle managers were able to motivate and encourage their teams to take their performance to the next level? Our Coaching for Performance program will help managers learn and practice coaching skills to benefit their employees and company. Our program is designed to develop your managers’ coaching skills by providing them with a thorough understanding of coaching principles and how to put them into practice.

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Capitalizing on your strengths in the workplace results in better performance, greater engagement, higher levels of energy and vitality, less stress and greater resilience. All of this adds up to a more efficient and higher performing organization. A strength-based approach to leadership and performance can have an enormous impact for a relatively small investment of time. Our program starts with a character questionnaire to discover your strengths, followed by training and coaching sessions.

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Today's leaner, flatter and virtual organizations are experiencing a shift from a hierarchy of command and control to collaboration and influencing without imposing direct managerial authority. Therefore, professionals at every level of an organization need to learn to get results without having to rely on direct authority. This program helps you to learn how to effectively influence others to obtain desired results. Through blended learning activities, you practice the specific skills, behaviors and attitudes to achieve desired results without relying on the use of authority.

Free for course participantsThe course participants have FREE access to the e-book worth CAD $ 54.99

FLOW Coaching Methodology & Principles

For many years now coaches have been inspiring lives across the globe by using the FLOW Coaching Methodology with their clients. Other than FLOW coaches we have been receiving many requests from other coaches to learn about the FLOW Coaching Methodology. As a result, we have decided to make the FLOW Coaching methodology and principles available to other coaches from around the world.
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