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DEIJ Statement

At FLOW Coaching Institute, we celebrate diversity, and we respect the unique life journey and life choices of all people. We know that promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in our community and in our Institute has a positive social impact in the world. We believe that organizations must recognize their key role to ensure that any strategies developed seek to address these issues and create a more just society.

All members of our organization, as well as the coaches community have a responsibility to promote equality, dignity and respect, and most of all to celebrate diversity and to challenge unfairness and discrimination. Embracing diversity as a core value creates a more collaborative culture, especially in the coaching education sector. One of the finest qualities of a professional coach is to develop a capacity to meet their client at where they are and provide them a safe space. By promoting diversity and inclusion as an organization, we believe that we are also supporting the development of our coaches as professionals.

We work every day to creating a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible coaching education and profession for individuals who want to become coaches and clients worldwide. As ICF Professionals, we promote a DEIJ approach that recognizes that social identities do not exist in isolation and instead are interconnected and impact one another. We know it is essential that as educators in the coaching industry we embody the desire to learn and to combine reflective practice with a kind, curious and caring approach to creating change in inequitable structures.

We welcome all that are willing to join FLOW Coaching Institute with a great sense of acceptance regardless of gender, age, race, disability, religion, or any other possible type of discrimination. We encourage our coaches and clients, to create a safe and brave space to talk directly about culture, mental health/neurodiversity, racism and to identify how thinking can be transformed to promote inclusion on every level. As providers of coaching education programs, we are aware we have a unique position – and therefore a unique responsibility – to lead the industry forward and create a more just and equitable training experience. Our leaders and members of our community are required to demonstrate a commitment to reduce the gaps around DEIJ and lead by example.