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ICF Credential Application Self-Paced Individual Mentoring Sessions

If you learn best with 1:1 support and need more flexible timing in working towards to become an ICF ACC/PCC/MCC credentialed professional coach, you can choose a package of 10 individual mentoring sessions with our respected PCC and MCC mentor faculty.

Ontario Residents:

Valuable information for you if you are an organization looking to invest in your employees, an individual seeking to advance to leadership positions, or a leader in Ontario looking to expand your professional development.
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· The investment is eligible to be covered by the Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant Funding with up to 80% of the program cost covered. The investment of the full advanced certification of All-inclusive ICF LEVEL 2 (Level 2) to your organization could be as low as $1990 + HST per participant with up to 80% of the program cost covered by the Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant funding.
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Who is it for?

• For coaches who complete the FLOW Coaching Institute’s Core Foundations ICF Certification Modules 1-5 OR Business Coaching ICF Certification Modules 1-5 or other training programs with 60 hours of ICF training towards Level 1/ACC credential application
• For coaches who hold an ICF ACC designation and ready to apply for ICF PCC credential.

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Together with your mentors, you will work effectively towards your ACC/PCC or MCC goals at your pace.

ICF Credential Application: As per ICF, one has to complete 10 (ten) hours of mentoring before applying for their credential along with the minimum requirement of ICF Accredited Coach Certification Training. These hours can be completed 1:1 or in a group mentoring and supervision setting. For group mentoring classes and sessions, please visit ICF Level 2 Certification and Level 2 Module 6 certification pages.

1:1 Individual Mentor Coaching support is about providing mentoring, supervision, and professional feedback to coaches towards achieving their ICF credentials by helping them develop and enhance their understanding how to demonstrate ICF Core Competencies at the ACC/PCC or MCC level and ethical guidelines as a professional coach. So far, FLOW mentor coaches have successfully helped thousands of students and graduate coaches obtain their ICF ACC, PCC and MCC credentials.

Our expert mentors are specialized in the ICF certification and accreditation process with thousands of hours of mentor coaching experience.

All of our ICF PCC and MCC credentialed mentors have a viable coaching career with more than 15 years of successful professional coaching records.

Completion of the mentoring program provides you with covering the mandatory mentoring hours, leading towards ICF ACC or ICF PCC or ICF MCC credential applications
100% Satisfaction Rate
10XIndividual Mentoring and Supervision Sessions

FLOW Coaching Institute's 1:1 individual mentoring package with the Masters of the Coaching Industry include:

  • • One-on-one, ten individual mentoring sessions with ICF PCC and MCC mentor coaches experienced in the certification process, ICF competencies and ICF's Performance Evaluation exams.
  • • Self-paced and more flexible offering to advance professional coaching skills and demonstration of ICF competencies.
  • • Enhancing your understanding of the ICF oral performance evaluation and CKA exam process as well as the requirements for the credential you apply for (Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC or Level 3/MCC).
  • • Helping you with specific challenges, i.e. handling vulnerable or difficult conversations effectively, making yourself attractive for your niche, coaching diverse audiences, etc.
  • • Written and oral feedback is provided for each coaching session.
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Earn Your ICF Certification Through FLOW’s Award Winning 5 STEP Methodology and Curriculum

The 5 Step Flow Coaching Methodology And Curriculum were awarded as the BEST COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAM by ATD (Association of Talent Development) twice.

Program Overview in a Nutshell

Live Online Group Classes and Peer Coaching
  • Connect to a global village of equally motivated peer coaches, and direct access to distinguished ACC, PCC or MCC faculty
  • Build a strong understanding of ICF’s core competencies through FLOW coaching methodology
  • Live, interactive, and engaging. You will watch live coaching demonstrations, and you will have the opportunity to practice
  • Completion of mandatory peer coaching hours in between the group classes
  • You will gain experience of what it means to coach and be coached
Learn to Coach The Whole Person
  • Dig deep into the psychology of human beings through Positive Psychology, the Flow model, and other nuerosciences (neurosciences) to support the ‘whole person’
  • Learn how to leverage flow states to achieve real results
  • You will understand that you don’t need to have all the answers, you need the right set of questions
  • Connect with yourself, family, friends, colleagues, and clients in a whole new way when you learn the ‘whole person’ method
ICF Certification
  • Completion of this program provides you with 60 ICF certification that also counts towards ICF ACC credentialing
  • Written assessment at the end of the program facilitated by FLOW evaluators
  • Badge issued by FLOW as an FCC (FLOW CERTIFIED COACH) that helps to elevate your status as a professional coach
  • The confidence knowing that you have the certification to back up your professional coaching skills
  • The comfort knowing you aren’t alone, and the FLOW community will be there to support you
Opportunities to coach real clients
  • We offer opportunities to participate with FLOW’s various partnerships and community outreach programs
  • We can help you build your coaching hours
  • Experience what a coaching relationship is like in real life
  • You will receive supervision and mentoring from our faculty during your participation with coaching projects
  • Build you coaching network, work with real clients, and make lasting connections with other coaches

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FLOW Coaching Methodology & Principles

For many years now coaches have been inspiring lives across the globe by using the FLOW Coaching Methodology with their clients. Other than FLOW coaches we have been receiving many requests from other coaches to learn about the FLOW Coaching Methodology. As a result, we have decided to make the FLOW Coaching methodology and principles available to other coaches from around the world.
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Get access to our certified Flow Coach Method overview.